Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Newly-Elected Officials...

Dear Newly-Elected Officials,

Congratulations! You've worked very hard for what you have achieved. You have inexhaustibly stumped your way across your states in an effort to get your constituents to believe in you, and your hard work has paid off. Take a break and enjoy your likely-a-bit-neglected family before you start picking out curtains for your office.

Before you pack your bags and head to Washington, or your capital city, or wherever the center of power is for your individual office, I want to remind you that you were chosen because you appeared to display a willingness to respond to your constituents. I don't think the results of yesterday's elections were necessarily a mandate for Republicans. More than anything, I think they were about policy (finally!) and a rejection of a legislature and executive office who don't seem to care about the will of the people. We will not accept that same treatment from you. If you do not listen to us, we will - oh dear, how should I put it? - vote your butts out just as quickly.

So...have a good time in the big city. But remember that 'we the people' employ you. Govern with prudence. Don't spend money we don't have. Enjoy the perks of your office - but not too much. Be sure that power and prestige are false gods. Always keep in mind that you are civil servants, elected as our peers to represent our views. Remember that we believed in you in 2010. And we can just as quickly stop believing by 2012.

Love and all those other niceties,
Nikki B.

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